The Viewing Womb uses the newest innovation in ultrasound technology to deliver the best possible image of your growing bundle of joy. The Viewing Womb is elegantly designed to give you and your guests the most incredible experience. Our viewing room is the largest around to comfortably accommodate you and as many guests as you would like. The ultrasound will be displayed on an 80” 4K Ultra HD flat screen, providing a breathtaking view! The Viewing Womb also boasts an incredible baby boutique filled with the most adorable baby fashions and necessities. We didn’t forget about Mom either, we have maternity clothes, breastfeeding supplies, and everything a new mommy needs for her hospital stay!

The Viewing womb is proud to offer images from the new Voluson E8, HDlive. The HD live is the newest and most incredible technology available in ultrasound right now.
“HDlive is an extraordinary rendering method generating amazingly realistic images of the human fetus from sonographic data. Through the use of an advanced illumination model, HDlive supports shadows, a virtual light source and advanced skin rendering techniques. This new method exploits the superb image quality provided by the latest generation of beam forming technology, speckle reduction algorithms and compound resolution imaging technologies on Voluson E8 and Voluson E8 Expert systems.

Conventional rendering methods utilize a fixed virtual light source which reflects the light off the skin surface. HDlive differs in that it calculates the propagation of light through skin and tissue. As the light from the virtual light source enters the body, a portion of the light is reflected towards the eye while the remaining light enters the area of interest and passes through it. The light propagating through the tissue is continually scattered and attenuated. Shadows will appear where the light has traveled through denser tissue. The user may freely position a virtual light source at any angle relative to the ultrasound volume to enhance details. Positioning the virtual light source behind the scene will show the effect of translucency.”

At the Viewing Womb we only employ highly skilled technicians who have undergone extensive training with the HDlive technology. All our imaging technicians have been specifically trained to do fetal ultrasound imaging. We use the latest technology in ultrasound equipment specifically calibrated for advanced fetal imaging.

Ultrasound has been used for prenatal imaging for decades. Numerous studies have concluded that there is a very minimal risk and that this type of imaging is very safe.


Yes, you need an appointment to have an ultrasound. Our ultrasounds are available to be booked online or by phone. Online they must be booked 24 hours in advance, we might be able to get you in the same day if you call us. Don’t see an appointment time that works for you? Call us, we are very accommodating!

No. You will be asked to sign a consent that acknowledges you have obtained prenatal care, and have had at least one prior ultrasound performed at your Dr’s office. We do require your Doctor’s name and information.

We recommend you wear a comfortable two piece outfit. A top and pants or shorts allows us to easily access the abdomen for ultrasound, while giving you the most comfortable coverage.

Our viewing room was specially designed to comfortably accommodate as many people as you would like to see your little miracle with you! There isn’t a bad seat in the house!

No. The Ultrasounds that we perform are not intended for medical purposes, therefore they are not eligible to be submitted to your insurance.

We will do our very best to find out the gender of your baby. Sometimes the position of the baby can make this difficult. If we are unable to obtain the gender of your baby, we invite you to come back again another day for no additional charge.